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Dirk/Karkat Headcanon!


When they first meet up, Dirk reminds Karkat a lot of Dave, but he’s also a lot more honest and willing to listen and Karkat ends up becoming smitten with him really quickly in a really obvious way, following him around all the time. Dirk is really touched by someone feeling that way for him after everything with Jake and finds his angry rants and awkwardness really cute. And the intensity with which Dirk begins to pay attention to him once he realizes what’s going on really touches Karkat after so long of having to spend so much time looking out for his friends and putting his own feelings aside for other people. In the end, they both end up bonding in their own roundabout ways about feeling worthless and manage to be the best thing they both need to feel better about themselves and get into a relationship again.

Oh, yes, we have this in our requests somewhere!

This is very cute. I think Dirk and Karkat are similar in that they both try to act a lot more grown up than they are, and it’s certainly weighed heavy on both of them. If they were to meet during a time when they were both feeling introspective, and not defensive, I think they really would get along, and the idea that Karkat gets smitten with Dirk is really too adorable. 8D

I like your deeper reasoning too, it helps me think a little more about this ship! They do both seem pretty starved for affection, so I kind of picture them as mutually clingy boyfriends. xD

Bonus Headcanon from me: They’re both blade wielding warriors, so I can’t help but imagining them sparing together. Dirk has a canon thing for wanting to make people stronger, especially physically, and I can really imagine it to be in Karkat’s character to want to be stronger. I could imagine them mutually doing some crazy gorilla warfare tactical training together sometimes. <3

Anyway, this is two for two, great headcanons from the same lovely person. Thank you for submitting! These were some lovely headcanons for lovely ships, and I still hope I didn’t talk too much over them.

- mod e

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