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VrisFef Headcanon!


I know you did VrisFef just recently BUT: when they were playing the game, Vriska kinda looked down on Feferi because she thought she was always doing everything for other people and was a total spineless wuss because of it. But after she died, she got to thinking and ended up really admiring her, because she realized that she was the only highblood that actually knew exactly what she wanted and was working to achieve that. More than that - as the heir, she had more expectations piled on her than anyone else, and yet she was still prepared to try and overturn the entire system just because she thought it was best. Vriska, who had lived her whole life thinking that if she screwed everyone else over (because that’s Living For Yourself And Doing What You Want, of course!) and just did everything Mindfang did, and ended up miserable because she could never figure out what she really did want, couldn’t say anything like that.

So even though most of the other trolls really don’t get why someone so aggressive and dominating like Vriska would be into someone so sweet and selfless like Feferi (though as Vriska points out in Alterniabound, she does like it when Feferi can be trollish and snarky sometimes as well!), there’s actually a huge amount of respect there. And this got long, ack, but there it is!

Ah! This is very cute!

I think you and I have some differences in how we interpret Feferi, but I love VrisFef (though I take mine a little pale, honestly), and I think you have some awesome points! Vriska respecting Feferi’s ambition is very great, and I think that would be very likely considering Vriska’s personality!

Adding a little to it, I think what Vriska might find surprising and interesting is that Feferi isn’t a wuss at all. She was definitely one of the less outright violent trolls, but like you mentioned she’s a very determined girl, a bit stubborn even, and I think Vriska would find herself actually unable to domin8 Feferi, even as far as conversations go, which would probably interest her a lot. I love Vriska ships in general, but one like this, where I think Feferi would be able to handle Vriska’s aggressiveness naturally, is very cute to me.

And then we didn’t even flip to the other side, and talk about how -EXCITING Vriska is. Feferi would definitely need someone with the energy too keep up with her and stay interesting, and Vriska has so many irons in the fire. Fef would have to smooth out the edges a bit, since she’s very good natured and wouldn’t stand for some of the mean things Vris does, but Feferi loves fun and excitement, and I think they’d be able to bring it out in each other.

But, getting back on point before I ramble too much, I think this is a great headcanon. I could imagine Vriska using her blueblood deviousness to help Feferi politically, and I could definitely see Feferi getting Vriska to be a bit nicer! And, yes, definitely tons of respect from both parties.

Thanks so much for the great headcanon! I hope I didn’t ramble on it too much!

- mod e

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