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Honey & Jam

TA: gz diid you drop your controller agaiin or what?
TA: you fuckiing kiickfliipped the fuck off the track agaiin.
TC: Oh ShIiIiT. i AlL uP aNd FoRgOt To Be HoLdInG tHaT mOtHeRfUcKEr.
TA: look ii know iim liike the macdaddy of game2 here but youve got two put up a fiight or ii ju2t look liike a huge fuckiing douche.
TA: liike who2 briight iidea wa2 thii2 anyway? oh riight iit wa2 your2 you giigantiic priick niice goiing 2ollux.
TC: WoAh ThErE, bRo. WhY dOn’T yOu Up AnD kIcK aT sOmE wIcKeD eLiXeR, aNd GeT yOuR sEtTlE oN?
TC: i Am AlL sOrTs Of ChIlL jUsT tO bE wAtChInG yOu PlAy.
TC: BeSiDeS, i JuSt FeEl AlL wEiRd CoNtRoLlInG tHe LiL mOtHeRfUcKeR iN tHeRe. LiKe I bE tAiNtInG tHe ShIt SoMeHoW, aNd ScArInG aWaY aLl ThE mOtHeRfUcKiNg MaGiC wHaT’s Up iN tHiS gAmE.
TC: bUt, YoU’vE gOt SoMe SiCk MoVeS, bRO. yOu ArE aLl Up AnD fUlL oF mAgIc AnD mIrAcLEs EvErYtImE i SeE yOu.
TC: ArE yOu FeElInG tHe MiRaClEs, My BrOtHeR?
TA: what2 really a miiracle ii2 that you 2ay 2hiit liike that and all ii can do ii2 2iit here like an a22hole and fiind iit endeariing.
TC: wElL sHiT, bRoThEr, tHaT’s It! ThAt sOuNdS lIkE a MiRaClE i CaN aLl Up AnD gEt BeHiNd.
TC: HoNk. :o)
TA: liike that FUCK.
TA: iit make2 no fuckiing 2en2e for you two be that cute.

I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly cuddling, idk how to draw cuddles, but it’s pretty damn red up in here.

- mod e

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