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What about Damara<>Porrim?
porrim comforting her beautiful moirail 
-mod Y

aight aight aight i havent been active on this blog and im a piece of shit for it im sorry

but HOPEFULLY i will be able to access my laptop and make time every night to fill at least ONE prompt!!! bc im a piece of shit and i need schedules and stuff

so!!! look forward to more ficlets from mod ina!!!

Anonymous asked: cronus <3 tavros? i mean, if that's even a thing... crotav is like, on of my favourite pairings and there isn't like, anything of them

It was cold and snowy when you woke up that morning. You sighed, dragging yourself out of bed and to the bathroom, as humans called it.

It was nice, living on this weird combination of earth and alternia after the game. But mostly you were just glad that it gave you the chance to properly meet Tavros. He was great, and you weren’t just saying that. He might be awkward, but he certainly wasn’t shy about how he felt after a few conversations. It was interesting, talking to someone who spoke their mind in the way that he did.

You hopped in the shower, waking up slowly and getting out again, styling your hair and getting dressed. Passing through the door again, you glanced at the little calendar that hung there. That was right; you were going to hang out with Tavros today, and you’d nearly forgotten. Now you were excited, quickly making yourself breakfast and putting on a coat to go and meet him.

You nearly slipped when you got outside; apparently it was icy as well as snowing. Great.

Never the less, you make your way to your normal meeting place, a little coffee shop a few blocks away. When you arrived, he was already there, and handed you your favorite hot drink.

“I thought you might, want something warm, y’know, when you got here.” Damn, that smile got you every time. It warmed you better than anything else ever could.

“Thanks chief, that’s really nice of you.” The two of you sip at your drinks and talk for a little while before deciding to take a walk.

Unfortunately, as you both round a corner, Tavros doesn’t seem to notice the patch of ice and falls right into a bank of snow.

“Holy shit, Tavwros, are you alright?” The boy in question sat up, blushing brightly and trying to scramble to his feet, only succeeding to slip and fall again, getting snow all over him and getting distressed and pretty embarrassed.

Without thinking, you fall into the snow next to him, throwing a little snow on yourself. You sit up to see him look at you with wide eyes. You just grin, standing carefully and helping him up, brushing some of the snow off his jacket.

“So. You vwanna head back to my place and dry off?”

“Yeah… I’d like that.”

Anonymous asked: Tavros and Eridan by the lake maybe?

You found yourself by the lake, as you quite often did. You almost never actually touched the water, despite being a sea dweller, but you enjoyed the sound of the gentle waves lapping at the shore. It was comforting, in a way, you supposed.

It’d been a while since the game had ended, dropping all of you on some strange planet that was an odd combination of earth and alternia. It wasn’t exactly like home, but it was close enough, after a while. Most of the other trolls stayed away from you for the most part, and you were perfectly fine with that.

But one day, that changed. As you were sitting by the lake like you usually did, you could hear footsteps approaching you from behind. Rather cautious as you’d always been, you turned to find none other than the brown blood, Tavros. Huh. Why the hell was he here?

“And wwhat are you doin’ here, exactly then?” You were still pretty rude, honestly. Not that you’d ever admit it. Tavros fidgeted with his hands a little.

“Well… I noticed that you, uh, walk by my hive, everyday, and I was curious where you were going…” Jeez. Vriska was right about the kid being so awkward. He didn’t seem to be too shy, however, which was certainly nice.

“Wwell this is wwhere I wwas goin’, happy noww?” You gesture vaguely at your surroundings and raise an eyebrow.

“Actually, I was kind of wondering if I could, join you?” What. Why would he want to do that? You suppose it would be nice for him, to see someone of such high blood like this. Maybe you could humor him for a little while then.

“… Vvery wwell then.” You turn back to watch the waves wash over the sand, and he sits down next to you. The game had somehow given him back the use of his normal legs, which he’d apparently been very happy about, you’d heard.

The two of you are silent for a little while, until Tavros pipes up.

“This really is a nice lake. The water’s all, clear, and it looks really, pretty.” You look over at him, surprised. You hadn’t realized that lower bloods could have such an appreciation like this for bodies of water. You could certainly agree with him on that, at least.

After that, meeting Tav by the lake became a normal thing. He didn’t always join you, but when he did, though you hated to admit it, you really enjoyed having him there to talk to. You really should have seen it coming, but when it did you were surprised none the less.

You were flushed for Tavros Nitram.

Equius finds a broken and bleeding troll outside his hive, one evening. For Nepeta’s sake and only Nepeta’s sake, he decides not to cull him and even puts him back together and cares for him until he can safely leave.


found some equikat!

Anonymous asked: Maybe some John/Calliope, with the two of them being dorks?

“So, what do you think your blood color would be?” She was so excited, and you couldn’t help but blush, leaning back a little.

“Uh. I dunno. You said that troll’s blood color matched their eyes, right…? So blue, I guess.” You shrug, and watch as she writes it all down. She’s already wearing her entire troll get up, and you really can’t deny that she’s adorable as all hell in it. You know she’s insecure about her appearance, but honestly? She’s just as beautiful either way.

“What about horns? What shape do you think they would be?” How did she even come up with these things, anyways?

“I have no clue. What do you think?” She seems to look at you curiously for a few seconds before speaking again.

“I think they’d come forward, and kinda curl up, like this.” She gestures with her hands to show you just how she means and you nod.

“Sure, that sounds like a plan.” If it made Calliope happy, you were happy too.

“Awesome! So, do you wanna start making all your stuff? You can borrow my paint if you want.” You blink, surprised.

“Already? That was fast. But okay, I don’t see why not.” The way her eyes light up made your entire day.



the copic version was great but here’s an actual illustrated version


paradox space gives me life


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