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I’m on a mission to make Porrioh a loved and cherished ship… It has so little love. ; n;

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oh my goooooooosh!

what about CALLIOPE and caliborn’s oc???
Can’t leave Calliope out of all this prime manga shipping nonsense, no sir -mod Y 
caliborn’s self insert oc x himself
-Mod Y
Anonymous asked: Can we do crossover ships

Crossover ships are absolutely allowed! Some, however, may not be done due to the mods not knowing who the character is. But, there’s always a chance that at least one mod knows the other series’ character so feel free to send some crossover ships in!

-mod Y

An absolutely fun art trade with the lovely, Tea! I am so happy to be able to do this trade with such a sweet and talented individual! :D Ahhh, I’m so happy!

If you would like to see her part of the trade, click here

holy d am n


good job anon. you got my callin’.


      It’s about 3 am and you are both out of your minds. You’ve drank about fourteen bottles of mountain dew spiked with five hour energies. You bought out all the chocolate the nearest convenience store had to offer. You’ve been chugging your drink and she’s been eating your sweets since about 3 p.m. 

"This," she says, and there is chocolate simply covering her face. "Is much better than drinking ourselves out of our minds, Dirk."

       You moan out a ‘yes’ in the middle of your drink. Jane watches in utter fascination and you glug the whole thing down. You finish and smack your lips.

"I thought it’d be a better idea considering our health problems."

"Health problems?"

"The common, but uncured, case of Jake English Is A Dick-itis."

      She had dated Jake English nearly six months, and you had dated him two years. To be fair, you dated him way back in high school, and her breakup was fresh and throbbing, but hey. Old wounds.

"What did we even seen in him, Dirk? His inflated gosh-darn ego coupled with his stinkin’ obliviousness just makes it like smoochin’ a rock!" Her voice is like dry venom and you’re sort of proud, because you’re pretty sure you had taught her that.

"A rock? Surely he was a little more responsive to a pretty girl than that."

She giggles and her smile splits her face, and you’re reminded of flowers blooming in those shitty nature documentaries that are strangely enthralling.

God, you have beautiful friends.

"A rock, Dirk! For all of his gallavantin’ and princely conquerin’s he sure does not know how to light a fire beneath his tush when he gets it on. It was, frankly, borin’ kissin’." Jane Crocker drawls, pawing her through the air at you. Her red lipstick has smudged a bit onto her teeth.

"You ever have exciting kissing, Jane?"

"Well," Jane stops for a moment. "There was this one fella at Times Square back when me an’ dad went for New Years," She trailed off, her eyes squinting as she tried to this time of this one fella.

And then you kissed her. And felt like an idiot. And then you kissed her again and by god, you were going to show her exciting kissing with a person whose name she can remember.


Build God, Then We’ll talk an AR<?>Equius fanmix (x)

1. Build God, Then We’ll talk- Panic! at the disco // 2.Almost Human-Voltaire // 3.How Soon is Now?- T.A.T.U.// 4. Mr.Roboto-Styx // 5.Stag Party-Renard ft Futret // 6.Digital Love- Daft Punk // 7.In Tokyo - Studio Killers // 8.Flesh-Simon Curtis // 9.I don’t care-Fall out Boy // 10.Monster-Imagine Dragons // 11.Please Don’t leave me- Pink


I will never stop making these.

Anonymous asked: I submitted some art a while ago, will it be posted?

We typically post art submitted to us during lulls in output, so I’ll post some today/throughout the week.

But it’s kind of hard to judge if yours specifically will be posted if you’re on anon….

-mod Y


Oh psh, it’s wonderful. thanks for the submission -mod Y